Mobile Paintless Dent Repair

Dent Sharks provides paintless dent repairs using breakthrough processes and equipment. Dents in your exterior are repaired without the use of paint or fillers, so there is no color-matching or creases, just beautiful, polished, original finishes. Your car can be repaired in record time without ever going to a body shop; Dent Sharks will come to you and work on your repairs while you are at work or at home, so you never have to interrupt your busy schedule.

Dent Sharks’ experienced repair specialists utilize the unique construction of your car’s exterior to eliminate dents. By manipulating pressure points around the impact, your car’s exterior panels return to their original contours. Instead of covering the damage, Dent Sharks removes the dent at its source for a long-lasting solution that does not compromise your car’s original finish.

Renew the flawless exterior of your vehicle at a fraction of the cost. Dent Sharks is located in Houston, TX, and provides on-site repairs to an extensive surrounding area. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Dent Sharks.