Benefits of Paintless Dent Repair


A dent in your car caused by hail or a parking lot ding can take a toll on its appearance, decrease its value, and make you embarrassed to drive it around. Alleviate these problems by turning to Dent Sharks for mobile auto dent repair.


Dent Sharks will come directly to your home or business to repair dings and dents so your car doesn’t have to get stuck in a shop for days or even weeks on end while repairs are made to it.


Our paintless dent repair services will erase dents and dings for good for just a fraction of what you would pay at an auto body shop.


Dent Sharks will send a specialist to your home or business to perform paintless dent repair and to make any dents or dings in your car a distant memory.

Paintless Dent Repair Before and After Photos

Paintless Dent Repair Advantages

The unique process and effects of paintless dent repair provide a variety of advantages over traditional painting and masking. Dent Sharks’ paintless dent repair services not only save you time and money, but also give you a more durable and attractive solution. Dent Sharks also works around your schedule and can come to you to conduct repairs, so you never have to waste time in a body shop.

As the name implies, paintless dent repair does not utilize paint, buffers or other compounds that cover dents. This efficient modern process actually eliminates dents in your exterior instead of covering them. By targeting pressure points around the dent, the metal panel returns to its normal shape and the dent disappears as if it never happened. By using this cutting-edge technique, Dent Sharks repairs are less noticeable, less expensive and take less time than other body work. In addition, the original factory finish and color of your car is untouched by mismatched paint or coverings.

Take a look at Dent Sharks’ amazing results on other fine vehicles and call to schedule convenient service for your car or truck.

Luxury Car Paintless Dent Repair

Dent Sharks specializes in high end exotic and luxury car paintless dent repairs. The original finish on sports cars and luxury cars is invaluable and many repair services lack the expertise to maintain them. Dent Sharks combines remarkable new techniques with extensive experience and detailed care to make dents in your prized vehicle disappear without compromising the original finish.

The smooth exterior contours and specially-designed frames are one of the chief hallmarks of high-end cars and give each car its immediate striking impression. A dent in your refinished American classic or new exotic takes away from its stunning appearance and notably reduces its value. Matching the color and finish of your rare classic or foreign car can be nearly impossible or exceptionally costly, but Dent Sharks’ paintless dent repair removes damage while maintaining the original paint of your vehicle.

Take a look at the other fine vehicles Dent Sharks has restored to see what their experienced team can do for you. Call Dent Sharks today for high end exotic and luxury car paintless dent repair and removal services in Houston, TX.

Frequently Asked Questions About Paintless Dent Repairs

Do y’all use paint and or bondo?

No we don’t use paint or bondo.

Do y’all remove door panels?

No we have ways to access the doors without removing panels.

How do y’all remove the dents and dings ?

We massage the dents and dings from backside of the panels bringing the metal back to its original shape.

What kind of warranty do y’all offer ?

We offer a lifetime warranty on our work.

Will the dents or dings that y’all repair come back?

The dents and dings have never came back unless the vehicle gets hit again!

How long does this process take ?

It usually takes less than an hour depending on the severity!

If y’all come to my place of work do I have to stay there while y’all do the repairs?

No we just need someone to get us access to your vehicle, you can go back and we will text and or call you when the work has been completed !

Is this less expensive than going to a Bodyshop?

This process is usually a fraction of the cost of a Bodyshop!

Do y’all repair scratches or do paint touch up?

We can buff the scratches after we repair the dents and dings. We don’t carry any paint with us at all.

Do y’all charge for estimates?

We don’t charge for estimates we can give you a price off of a picture most of the time.