Car Dents Happen Often. Here’s What to Look Out for

Car dents are never enjoyable, and many of them happen without us knowing.  If you’re aware of your surroundings, you can decrease your chances of getting a car dent. We don’t want you to have to take your car in to repair a dent, but if it happens, make sure to contact Dent Sharks!

Car dent on side of car doorCommon Causes of Car Dents:

  • Parking Lots – when driving and parking in a parking lot, be aware of shopping carts and other cars. Common car dents can occur in these places, so it’s always good to park away from other cars and shopping cart sections if you can.
  • Weather Elements – Hail storms and other extreme weather conditions sometimes can cause dents in your car. It’s important to keep your car under cover when the weather is a little bad. Fallen trees and branches can definitely cause dents, so just be aware of those elements as well.
  • Sports Equipment – Tennis balls, baseballs, and other sporting equipment can cause dents. Even if your car is sitting in the driveway, make sure your surroundings are safe for your car.
  • Animals – animals at night in rural areas can cause dents by running into them if they are startled and trying to escape.

What to do:

Making sure your automobile is in good condition should be high on the priority list.  It’s a pain when you have to open up your wallet for car damage, so be sure to keep your car safe. When in a parking lot, park away from other cars and shopping carts. Keep your car covered when parked at home in case of any outdoor elements. Also, make sure your kids aren’t throwing a baseball around your car.

At Dent Sharks, we provide paintless dent repairs using breakthrough processes and equipment.  We don’t use paint or fillers for the repair, so you will have beautiful polished finishes. Contact Dent Sharks at 1-832-916-5393.