Mobile Car Dent Repair Alvin TX

When a hailstorm strikes, vehicles are often the first things to be damaged. If your vehicle was parked on a street or anywhere outside during a hailstorm, you are likely to see a series of dents on its exterior. While some hailstorms create only small ice stones that cause minor damage, others can generate golf-ball sized stones that will seriously endanger the health and safety of anyone outside, while causing thousands of dollars in damages. If your vehicle has been damaged in a hailstorm, you can find affordable, convenient paintless dent removal and hail damage repair in Alvin, TX at Dent Sharks. Our repair techniques won’t compromise the original paint, appearance or integrity of your vehicle’s exterior, and we can work almost anywhere.

We offer mobile services to repair your vehicle no matter where you are. Our paintless dent removal and hail damage repair in Alvin, TX can be scheduled while you are at work, at home or even at an appointment at another location. You don’t have to take time out of your day to have your vehicle repaired, or wait around in a repair shop. Our paintless dent repair experts will bring all the necessary tools to the site you designate at the time you decide, so you can have your repairs done at your convenience.

Take a look at the gallery to see a few of the vehicles we have repaired in the past. Contact us today to schedule paintless dent removal and hail damage repair in Alvin, TX. Tell us where you would like have repairs done and what time would be convenient for you, and we will come to you.


Jim at Dent Sharks really hooked it up on my 2018 Silverado! I noticed a mark that someone left me and had to have it fixed. Jim came out to my office parking garage on time and was extremely friendly/great to work with. He went straight to work on the picture below, he also was able to take care of a small ding in the driver side door. The “other guys” said they could maybe get 75-85% better, but Dent Sharks has the confidence and experience to get it done right. Give them a call or text, you won’t regret it! Fast response, flexible schedule, mobile, and competent.

Dent Repair on a Truck from Dent Sharks
Logan Lowenstein

Benefits of our Paintless Dent Repair


A dent in your car caused by hail or a parking lot ding can take a toll on its appearance, decrease its value, and make you embarrassed to drive it around. Alleviate these problems by turning to Dent Sharks for mobile auto dent repair.


Dent Sharks will come directly to your home or business to repair dings and dents so your car doesn’t have to get stuck in a shop for days or even weeks on end while repairs are made to it. We conveniently COME TO YOU!


Our paintless dent repair services will erase dents and dings for good for just a fraction of what you would pay at an auto body or collision shop. Why not save yourself money and inconvenience or dropping off your vehicle?


Dent Sharks will send a specialist to your home or business to perform paintless dent repair and to make any dents or dings in your car a distant memory. Therefore, you don’t have to pay for a rental car while your vehicle is being worked on!