Parking Tips to Avoid Vehicle Denting

It sometimes may feel like your car is a magnet for dings and dents. No matter where you drive, whether on off-road excursions or a trip to the grocery store, your car is at danger for damage.

While some incidents are impossible to prevent – we’ve all been driving on the highway when a small rock hits our car, for example – there are others that can be avoided with a little bit of thought. While dings and dents cannot be predicted, taking a few simple common sense steps can go a long way to helping keep your vehicle dent free.

Shopping Cart DentsPark Away from Other Cars

This one is the most obvious, but while avoiding other cars, think about parking away from where people may park altogether. That likely involves going a little farther from the entrance, but it will help protect your car while giving you a little additional exercise in the process.

Close to Curbs in Parking Lots

Another way you can protect your vehicle is by parking near islands or other areas with curbed edges. Stray carts are common in retail plazas and grocery stores, but if you’re parked next to one of these curbs, it will stop a cart before it can ding your doors.

Talk to Your Kids

For all their good intentions, kids do not understand the true value of a car. Teach them to treat the car with care by opening and closing the door slowly, but also to not play near the car with balls, bats and other toys that could damage the car.

Cover Your Car

Hail is the biggest culprit when it comes to weather-related vehicle damage. Use covered parking where possible, especially if you suspect a storm is coming. If that’s not an option, especially if you live in an apartment or townhouse, think of investing in a car cover. The most inexpensive ones can cost about $50 – a worthwhile investment when you think about getting the car repaired.

While all of these ideas are common sense, they are not always things people think about. At Dent Sharks, we see all types of dent damages to vehicles, and many times the dents could have been avoided with a bit of caution and awareness. Sometimes things are out of your control, and for those times, we’re available to make your car look like new again. With our fast, on-site paintless dent removal, we can make any vehicle – even luxury cars! – look like new again. Call us today at 832-916-5393 to learn more.